Sunday, 22 June 2014

I blame Ade

Well, someone's got to.

As we have an invite to bring the Bloody Omaha game to a 1940s weekend in Peterborough next month, I may have let slip that I was being a little keener in acquiring enough FoW 29th infantry NOT to have to reuse figures or festoon them with Post-Its.

Ade from Wyvern Wargames has taken it upon himself, the lovely man that he is, to point me at eBay auctions that might help with this... and some.. er... obliging person has... um... had a set already based but unpainted...

Normally, new boxes go for the neck end of £40. New boxes on ebay kick in around the £25 mark. Otherwise intact box that someone's already mounted on bases? £10.50. Result! Thanks, Ade!

Of course, now I have to work out how much pain there will be in getting them off the bases, since the odds are they've been based as per FoW section organisation, not the one I/Rich use for Bloody Omaha. Ah well. Worst case I might have to get ugly with a razor saw....


  1. Now what was that quote about one being born every minute?

    Your production rate is far too high for me!

  2. Surely you could soak them in a little acetone to weaken the superglue and then remove them quite easily? Or are you needing to keep the actual bases?

    1. I'd like to keep the bases, as they're old-style grey non-holed FoW bases. I do have enough new style bases to rebase them, but the annoying thing is that (despite the boxes shipping as of now with the 'holed' brown bases) the figure bases don't fit!

      If I could find a source of 3rd party FoW bases with the bevelled edges, that would mean I could just get brutal with the acetone :D


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