Thursday, 12 June 2014

Megagames 2015

If you were intrigued by my earlier post on Megagames, you may be interested to know that the Megagame Makers folks have announced their list of games for 2015.

It looks kind of fun - there are games in both London and Leeds:

  • Watch The Skies 2 - The Megagame of Alien Terror (London - 21 March 2015)
  • D-Day Dodgers - Campaign in Italy 1943-44  (Leeds - mid-April 2015 (TBA))
  • A New Age Dawns - Revolutionary wars in Europe (London - 9 May 2015)
  • Don't Panic! - The Invasion of Britain 1940 (London - 13 June 2015)
  • City of Shadows - Crime, Corruption and Weird Science (London - 12 September 2015)
  • A New Age Dawns 2 - Revolutionary wars in Europe (Leeds - Mid October 2015 (TBA))
  • Come To A King - 11th Century power politics in Britain (London - 14 November 2015)

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