Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Peterborough Heritage Festival - 21/22 June

A quick plug:

We (as in Peterborough Wargames Club) will be at the Peterborough Heritage Festival on Saturday and Sunday next week (21st and 22nd). It's an all weekend event, in and around Cathedral Square in the middle of town, with scads of re-enactors and living history displays, a food and craft market and who knows what else.

We'll be (provisionally) running:
  • on the Saturday, a game of Check Your Six featuring one of the local US bomber groups returning from a daylight raid.
  • on the Sunday, a recreation of the battle of Stilton using Warhammer ECW
Look out for the folks in the blue club shirts, and come say "hi" - I'll be around Sat a.m. and some of Sunday p.m.. If you're within a reasonable travelling distance, it promises to be a fun day out. Bring the kids!


  1. Remember your previous post - PPPPPP

    1. Indeed. I expect to spend some time slaving over a laminator :D


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