Wednesday 25 June 2014

Wanted - old style Flames of War bases

If anyone in the UK has old style, grey, Flames of War bases, I'll be willing to trade them for an equivalent number of the new brown ones with holes. Up to 40 of each of the small and the medium. Must be genuine Flames of War bases with the bevelled edges, though.

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  1. I have nine medium and four small you can have if you email me your address. No swap needed.

    1. Looks like someone at the club has a huge stash of small bases, and MarkG below seems to have solved my medium base problem,. so.. thanks for the offer, but I look to be sorted.

  2. I should easily be able to give you 40 medium not sure how many small I have though. Happy to swap. Let me know.

  3. Definitely interested in the mediums - drop me a mail to fleetfootmike @ gmail :D


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