Thursday, 5 June 2014

A relatively productive day...

No photos, as I'm tired, but...
  • A whole pile of 15mm figures based and undercoated
  • All the scenery tiles undercoated
Almost a serious planning failure on the latter - I sat down at the workbench to do a few small mods to the trench system on three of the tiles, then moved over to the big decorating/pasting table to start applying emulsion to all the tiles, and carefully laying them flat on the floor. That done, I went to pick up my glasses, to find they were the wrong side of five wet scenery tiles :D

Got a bit more time than anticipated, as James' cricket match was cancelled - that's eight out of eight since the start of the season, for various combinations of we couldn't raise a team, they couldn't raise a team, BOTH of us couldn't raise a team, rain, and tonight's, which was cancelled in glorious sunshine because the groundsman wouldn't let us use the pitch, I assume due to yesterday's rain.

It's not shaping up to be a very productive season!

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