Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bloody Omaha - trial run

Huge thanks to my work colleague Alex (for whom this was his first introduction to historical wargaming) and Tim who came along to our (sadly underattended) club D-Day session. We (the above, plus Carl and Andy's M and B) ran through the scenario I'm taking to A Bridge To Lard next weekend, which was fun, hard work and very useful in terms of figuring out what was still needed...

So as not to spoil it for next weekend, here's a few teaser pictures:


  1. Sorry to have missed it?

    Sure was a great day.

  2. Nice! One suggestion? The barbed wire looks too shiny for something that's been exposed to salt air for a few months. Perhaps a light wash or something will do the trick.

    1. If I get time - there is quite a bit of it :D

  3. Well that was excellent for my first game of IABSM. Rock on for next weekend.

  4. Looking most splendid, Mike. Very much looking forward to seeing it in the hall next weekend!

  5. Glad to see these beautiful teaser pics!

  6. It looks fantastic Mike! Hopefully there will be many pictures and reports on the day.

  7. Terrific and captivating pictures. It is sure to be a splendid game.


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