Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mini-review: "Chain of Command"

New post! By which I mean, something dropped through my letterbox this morning.

Having been involved in the playtesting and proofreading, you've probably heard quite enough from me on the subject for now. But I will say that there is no substitute for actually holding a copy in your hands. It looks brilliant, and reads well. It even has an INDEX!

A couple of notes:

  • There are a couple of errata (cue self hanging head in shame as one of the proofreaders!) which should be up on the TFL site as soon as Rich gets back off a much needed break.
  • There are about a dozen army lists covering late war US, German, Russian and British in the book. Expect many MANY more on the TFL site in the coming weeks (starting with early war German and Polish), and expect them to be free, The force lists really make the game - they're well researched and come with tactical notes as well on how to use the force as it would have been.
[Disclaimer: I spent a fair amount of my summer vacation proofreading this, and my copy was by way of a thank you (under protest - I was going to buy it!). I then went and bought another as a prize-draw prize anyway.]

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