Saturday, 3 August 2013

Media in favourable wargaming article shock!

The BBC have published a remarkably well-written piece on the centenary of H.G.Wells "Little Wars", surprisingly free of the usual 'ho ho, grown men playing toy soldiers' remarks.

And it only has ONE mention of Games Workshop, and I quote:
"The game is a forerunner of modern formats like the Warhammer system sold by Games Workshop."
Setting aside for the moment the number of non-GW rulesets they've disregarded here? This does rather amusingly prove my point that no matter HOW hard GW try to remove any mention of 'wargames' and 'Games Workshop' in the same sentence, and eradicate the concept from public perception, they are fundamentally doomed to failure.


  1. Hmm... it seems that you and I have some sort of mental connection... I was just posting in my blog a similar comment when yours emerged in the favourites blogs space in my page

  2. I noticed this. Very unBBC-like. One would normally have expected a stop-this-horror slant. I suppose HG Wells support makes it OK.

  3. A point they miss, I think, is that moving from spring-cannon to dice allows for greater consistency and detail, as well as shifting the focus from manual to mental skill. (I was playing Space Cadets last night, so this is rather at the front of my mind.)


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