Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Battle Report - 12 Aug 2013 - WAB

My horse archers avoiding the Ostrogoth's heavy cavalry.
Wise move.
I think I've clearly been playing too much Lard :D

Last night was my first night down the club after getting back off holiday, and Carl and I had a warm-up game for the Rushden club's Axes 2013 tournament on Saturday.

I lost.

It's not, I don't think, that I don't like Ancients, or even WAB. It's that I really miss at least one, and preferably both, of rules that have Command and Control features, and scenarios that actually have some context in the larger scheme of things. You'll still catch me at the campaign-themed tournaments that the likes of Scrivs and Tom, or Andy, Grahame and I run, as they're just... awesome fun with a great bunch of people, and enough thought goes into them to provide some context without contrived scenarios.

I may, though, be giving next year's WAB GT a miss.


  1. I know what you mean. The best games I've played have been of historical battles where there was something about the terrain or forces involved that made it challenging.
    Of course, the single worst game in 41 years of gaming was a refight of Auerstadt; can't get much more challenging than that.

  2. I understand you very well. I have been a heavy WAB player specially the Bronze Age period until I first played a TFL set (Mud & Blood) ... And then my perception of WAB changed completely, found the system boring and totally uninspiring... I stopped playing WAB after a few months

  3. As long as you replace the game play with other game play all is good ;-)



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