Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Churchill

Ok, this is definitely worth shouting about :D

Plastic Soldier Company have just put up sprue shots of their 15mm Churchill on Facebook - like all PSC 15mm tank kits, it comes in a box with 5 sprues, which will make:

  • Mk III
  • Mk IV
  • Mk IV 75mm (Mk VI)
  • Mk V 95mm Close Support 
  • Mk III AVRE (woohoo!)
Definitely going on the shopping list!


  1. Good news, they seriously make me want to expand my Brit forces...

  2. I know a few people who will be over tge moon with this 1!

  3. Dangerous! I thought my 15mil WWII stuff was safely stashed in the loft . . .


  4. oooh shiny, any one got a bridge?

    I will keep away I think it's best I don't look to close


  5. Nice addition. These things saw a lot of action.


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