Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fighting 15s at Colours Sept 14-15

As a blogger who gets a fair amount of traffic, I feel obliged to share this from Henry at Miniature Wargames:

As a result of an administrative error, the incorrect version of the Fighting 15s ad was published in the Colours Show Guide which was published this week as part of MW365. 
Huge apologies to Ian Marsh of Fighting 15s, who had been beavering away painting up samples of the Eureka range for which he is now the UK distributor. Naturally, he was extremely disappointed that his hard work would not be seen by the MWBG audience. 
Therefore, I'm placing his ad here and I'd be grateful if you could help spread the word – by all means post the pic of his ad on your own blog. 
Being an 18th century fan, as you know, I will certainly want to see those beautiful 18mm Seven Years War figures 'in the flesh' at Colours.
It's probably a good job I'm not going to Colours, as Fighting 15s stock AB's 'large 15mm' Napoleonics, which are a pretty decent match for the Napoleon At War 18mms in my unpainted pile... :D

I should get round to reading this month's MW, too - been madly too busy this past few days!


  1. I see that, unlike me, you identified the correct publication!

    BTW Ian Marsh provides a very fast mail order service . . . and those AB's are VERY nice . . .


  2. Hush, you :D

    Mind you, the D-B's and Brunswickers....


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