Saturday, 10 August 2013

Book Reviews - the Vietnam War

A couple of book recommendations, this time for folks into the Vietnam conflict, be it with FoW Vietnam or Charlie Don't Surf. These are:

In The Field: Vietnam and My Letters Home, by Damon Darley. Basically this is a set of transcripts of the author's letters home to his (very new) wife during his tour of duty in Vietnam.

Vietnam: No Regrets: One Soldier's Tour of Duty, by J. Watkins. Again a memoir of a tour of duty, but not (this time) as letters.

Both these books were available as free Kindle downloads a while back, but they're both still under a fiver each, and well worth a read, especially if you want to understand the poor infantryman's view of the conflict.

I have a copy of Charlie Don't Surf. This may be bad news for my lead mountain :D


  1. When ever is it good news for our lead mountains LOL.

    Look forward to following your Vietnam diversion


  2. Oh-oh! CDS is another great set of rules. In fact I never took an interest in the Vietnam period until I bought and read the rules and told to myself that I needed to play them. You have lots of very good stuff for free at the US Army Centre for Military History

  3. Just received a hard copy of the rules. I may be tempted by these as well.


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