Friday, 9 August 2013

Flying home today of course I'm up at 5.30am US time fixing our church website.

If anyone out there is running their own WordPress site, find a better events plugin than "All In One Event Calendar" by - it may be very pretty, but they have now managed to take our site down twice in a row with badly-managed plugin upgrade scripts, and the support they give to users of the Standard (non-paying) version of the plugin is appalling.

Such is the life of a volunteer IT admin. Ah well.

To my considerable surprise, I seem to have managed to blog every day while away: normal service will be... continued... when I get home, though I've pre-scheduled tomorrow's post since I confidently expect to be way too jet-lagged to tie two sentences together.

Just a reminder - my 50th birthday Prize Draw for a £25 gift voucher for Chain of Command is still running until a week on Sunday! Don't miss it!


  1. Have a safe trip back you and the family

  2. "Free software only. No PHP. Still interested?"

  3. The only thing worse than providing free IT work is making it your profession.
    Safe travels.


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