Friday, 22 March 2013

Pondering pending projects - a priority problem

See, it's like this...
...and then I need to tidy this. Again.

No matter how hard I try and produce a list of things to do at the start of the year, it doesn't take me (any more than I suspect it does anyone else) long to get an attack of the 'oooh, shiny' and add things to it. Not helped by not always knowing at the start of the year what the theme might be for upcoming WAB tourneys etc.

So. With that in mind, how'm I doing?

From the list of things to paint:
  • lots of 15mm WW2 US, German and British (in that order)
  • lots of 18mm Napoleonics
  • lots of terrain!
  • A longboat
Hrn. Ok. So.
  • Lots of US infantry done, lots of Shermans waiting on a can of US Olive Drab. Lots of Germans bought, so I'll probably make a start on those soon.
  • 18mm Napoleonics... *whistles*. Be right back to you on that.
  • Terrain. Well, I made two more woods last week, and Tim is really honestly going to get me the hardboard I asked for Real Soon Now.... I also have the bits for some 15mm bocage.
  • The longboat is waiting on a piece for the masthead, which I'm going to knock up in work's new 3D printer :D
On top of that:
  • Built an entire Parthian army for the WAB GT. This will also double as Palmyran for Rushden's Axes 2013 tournament, though I may add some Middle Imperial Roman allies - I've already picked up a very nice figure for Queen Zenobia.
  • Added to my Christian Spanish/Norman/Crusades army for WABGT 2013 (and also possibly at least one other event this year). I have half a box of Conquest Norman foot to paint to add to that, as it's somewhat infantry-light for the Crusades, and I would like to add a box of the lovely Fireforge Templars. Also Foundry's current eBay sale is tempting me greatly to add some more foot, both spearmen and archers.
  • Painted a bunch of Judges for the club campaign
  • I need another section of Germans to play Chain of Command. (Sorry, Op: Squad. It's not you, it's ... actually, it's you :D)
  • I need to make some time to go through everything I have, fix broken spears etc, clean up bases, figure out better storage (our butcher just delivered me a huge pile of stout cardboard boxes that are roughly 10" x 18" by 2" deep....)

...I won't be bored. I want to try and get into a regular habit of painting, even if it's only an hour a day while James is doing his homework. I can manage it for blogging, so...


  1. I recently got a case of the Ooh Shiny as well. Fortunately it did not cost much but I am now waiting on a Peter Pig order of dead cowboys, dead WWII Italians, Dead WWII Soviets, dead vikings and the sheriff figure (also has a dead figure).

    Um... I had a theme going there that disturbs me now that I see it written down.

  2. That is a big old list.
    I know what you mean with painting time v blogging time and I need to cut back on the blog.

    1. I won't be cutting back on the blog, not least because it's one of the bits of wargaming I'm not too proud to admit I'm actually pretty good at.

      What I need to cut down on is the hour or more of random web surfing :D

  3. Mike, I'm exhausted just reading that list! Good luck with it!

    1. Of course, it's entirely your fault I'm eyeing the German WW1 infantry in the Foundry eBay sale... :D

  4. Man, yours is a vice, not a hobby!

  5. When the light is as bad as it is at present I find it easier to blog than paint! Keeping up with both (a post a day?!)is laudable.


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