Saturday 16 March 2013

Google Reader to close

Well. phooey.
Like several other people who've commented on this, I am not a happy camper. At the last check, my list of feeds subscribed to in Reader was over 400: not just wargames blogs either.

I'm not impressed - any more than I was when Google took down Wave (and thus basically killed a RPG I'd being playing in for almost as long as Wave had been around. Hopefully the next thing on their list isn't Blogger.

I'll be exploring alternatives, and blogging my results here.


  1. If you have an email solution you're happy with, you might consider rss2email - it drops each entry into a separate message, which can then be filtered and so on as any other mail.

    In the modern Internet community I feel like the guy with twigs in his beard shouting "no! no! you should not trust these people! they are not your friends!"... except that every few months I'm proved right, and people still don't listen.

  2. I'm curious if the "followers" button will still work. Or are those two things not related.

    I've also wondered if I need to look at going full Wordpress and buying hosting. But I don't do that much blogging... Hmmm.

    Keep us updated.

  3. Simplest of solutions.... Thunderbird... it has email, RSS and Usenet all in one complete package....I suppose maybe Windows users automatically default to Outlook so may not have used Thunderbird, but as a Linux user, really it's pretty default on the mainstream distro's...Can't think of a time when I used Googles offering (other than to look out of curiosity)

    Oh and Wave was a great service.... I'm sure we will see parts of its tech live on with G+

  4. Check out this article on the subject: Five Best Google Reader Alternatives


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