Monday, 4 March 2013

Cleaning out the store

For want of a better term, anyway.

In happier times...
One of the very obvious things about the Maunsfield Games store (i.e. the shop on site at what-used-to-be-Malestrom) is that it exists merely to shift what stock they have left. I'm not going to even try and speculate on exactly who 'they' are, and which of the companies concerned in the whole shebang it belongs/belonged to, but it's clear they're not restocking at all.

There's a big table of 'grab bins' of assorted magazines, Templar's Forge (Maelstrom's own brand, IIRC) templates, obscure figure ranges, sprues, and Maelstrom Purple spray paint at £1 or 50p depending. There's about half a wall of Flames of War blisters (most of the good stuff gone), some SAGA, some Warlord, about half a dozen boxes of 20mm Plastic Soldier Company, 3 boxes of Victrix plastic hoplites, two racks of Vallejo paints, a denuded rack of Army Painter, some Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas, and a bunch of other stuff I wasn't interested in. To add further to the slightly gloomy feel, a fair amount of the stock isn't on the system and the guy behind the till seemed not to care over much as long as some money changed hands. I got four SAGA blisters for £20 total - he was quite happy to handwave them at a fiver each - and Bag The Hun for 50p.

One wonders what's going to happen to the place.

Not, you understand, that I'm complaining. I managed to nail, for a grand total of about £55:
  • A dozen SAGA Norman/Breton cavalry plus a warlord (RRP about £43 total)
  • 3 Battlefront Jeeps. (£7)
  • A can of Army Painter Crystal Blue (£8.50)
  • A can of Army Painter "Maelstrom" Purple - Alien Purple relabelled for Maelstrom (£8.50)
  • Half a dozen Army Painter Warpaints (£15)
  • A copy of the Lardies "Bag The Hun" rules. (£16)
  • An Army Painter brush (£2.50)
  • A set of "Price of Glory" WW1 skirmish rules (£10)


  1. I've been graving at the shop for the last couple of months but they had not been offering normal figures etc. at such low prices.

    Off to the hospital in a it so will check them out again


  2. Flames if War stuff does seem to be listed and going at normal prices, but Warlord and SAGA stuff they were certainly making it up as they went... :D

  3. Sounds like you struck a good deal there. It's always a shame when a game shop closes. One close to us had 25mm ACW going at bargain rates, and I was happy to snap some up.


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