Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Battle Report - 04 Mar 2013 - Judge Dredd Prog 1

Monday was the first night of the club's Judge Dredd campaign. The system is very bloody and short, as I think I commented before, and we got several games in, of which I'll only detail the first one today, as the battle reports are pretty labour intensive.

Suffice it to say that Paul's Citi-Def force (from James Cameron Block, that well-known 20th century documentary filmmaker) didn't last long against Judges Turner and Stone, and Psi-Judge Nicks.


  1. Impressively realistic presentation. Looks like a 'real' graphic novel (comic). I wonder if a WW2 wargame could be done in a similar fashion... H'mmm - got a game coming up...

  2. Top notch work. Now that's what I call a battle report!

  3. That was excellent! I really enjoyed reading through your graphic report! Thanks for sharing!


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