Monday, 18 March 2013

Kickstarter Watch - Break Through

While browsing Kickstarter, I found Break Through - A card game of the Western Front 1914-18. It looks rather interesting:
This game is a challenging representation of the deadlock that existed on the Western Front from the end of 1914 to the spring of 1918.  By using a set of scenarios that limit which cards can be used, players are able to represent the difficulties facing commanders at specific times during the conflict.
[...]the designer, who is currently a visiting lecturer in games design at CRC in Cambridge and has taught previously in the secondary sector, believes there is an opportunity for a game of this nature as an effective (and simple to use) teaching tool.  The addition of the historical 'snippets' will hopefully encourage students to read and absorb the information and the 'gamification' has the potential to engage students[...]
It needs some more publicity, and more backers - only 4 after 5 days. As I said, though, it does look rather fun, and I'm considering a punt. Obviously, that's a pretty low-risk punt as it stands [!], but I'd kind of like to see it succeed, being a fan of nicely put together card games, so... if it interests you, especially if you're in education, I think it deserves to have the word spread. Maybe it's too late this time out, but...

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