Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Dux...

Ducking in and out of the Ashes coverage and the Solheim Cup (what a finish!), I got four things crossed off the todo list (one by going 'no that's not necessary, but the thoughts I had need merging elsewhere' :D).

Various things finished, including a reformat of one of Rich's articles from a Summer Special, and quite a bit of thinking and hacking together spreadsheets as well, to see if I'd got my maths right (surprisingly, yes!).

Also built, in a few screen breaks, the TTCombat Streets of Venice jetties kit. Basically lots of three-piece MDF sections (first chance to use the 1-2-3 blocks to support stuff while gluing!), and a rough overbrush with Hobbycraft Burnt Umber acrylic.

So, anyway, that's only another half dozen things left to cross off the to-do list, plus I'm hopefully running a playtest of a scenario and a couple of extra rules down the club tomorrow.

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