Monday, 16 September 2019

Battle Report - 16 Sep 2019 - Dux Britanniarum "The Saxons are Coming!"

Managed to find a spare club table and people for a playtest - even managed to get Mr Hawes to turn up! AndyH took (as is his wont) the British and AndyM (he of terrain building fame) the Saxons.

Testing a coastal raid scenario, which is based on Rich's from the 2012 Summer Special, with quite a few bug fixes as well as changes for replay value etc. to better integrate it with both the campaign and the per-province terrain rules (so you will be able to raid from the sea as part of the campaign).

As usual, I left with a page of notes, mostly about terrain setup, but everyone thought it worked. We also tested some other rules, which also seemed to work :D
After terrain setup. Need to adjust the sand on the beach boards so it lines up!
The first groups of Saxons pile out of the boat and along the shore.... 

The Saxon hearthguard head inland from their ships (courtesy of Grahame from our club).
The British slingers find a nice spot to be extremely annoying from....
The Saxons head up the cliff...
The British hearthguard turn up to the rescue and advance on the farm (Sarissa's Dark Ages villa)...
The Saxon ships waiting for the raiding party to return...
A knotty problem in 'which units get to fight' I need to think about a bit... The British levy (top) take a charge from a formation of two groups of Saxon warriors and surprisingly both survive and dish it out quite a bit when it comes to their turn.
Not looking good for the Saxons. They've made the looting rolls in the farm, but it doesn't look like they're going to hold off the British hearthguard (nearest the camea) long enough to make it back to the boats.

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  1. Great stuff. I always thought the lack of an amphibious landing option rather hampered Saxon deployment in a campaign. Good to see you're taking steps to tweak that.


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