Thursday, 19 September 2019

Another building finished

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!....

That's TTCombat's rather impressive tower done - mostly done last night, but the last bits of detail work polished off after work this evening. Largely AP Fur Brown, with AP Skeleton Bone stonework and PSC Field Grey roof. Wooden doors are AP Werewolf Brown, except for the downstairs one which is AP Weapon Bronze. Spot brick details are Fur Brown 50/50 mixed with either Skeleton Bone or Werewolf Brown to produce a range of shades.

Undecided as to whether a light wash is needed.

The astute will also notice I have more bookcases, thanks to a seller on the local Facebook Marketplace (and AndyM for helping me collect them). Not in their final places, as they need some holes cut in the backs before they can go on the long wall, to allow access to what were originally sensibly placed sockets!

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