Wednesday, 11 September 2019

More TTCombat Streets of Venice

...with help from (and a good natter with) Andrew from the club.

It's interesting that I can't find anyone online who's blogged or videoed a painted set of these.

So... Gallery of stuff to follow....

Lazy man's distressed brick, using a couple of AP spray primers (it's hard to shoot one handed while wielding a spray can - I really need a spray booth!) Before anyone comments on the video, the spatter on the window frame behind is not recent, it's from an accident with a can of dark grey Rustoleum texture paint several years ago, and it's a swine to shift (as my wife keeps reminding me :D).
Masking off the brick prior to spraying the grey.
A rough spray with Halfords grey primer.
And an evening's work for two of us - basically a lot of picking out of individual bricks in 4Ground's Dark Stone, Pale Stone and Slate Grey. I'll knock the brightness and grey back with some Vallejo Sepia Shade when it eventually arrives from Amazon, because I don't want that pure a shade of grey, because stone flags aren't that colour. 
The rest that we finished, plus the brush stash for scenics (Hobbycraft, a tenner).
The rest of the work I did before Andrew arrived - just spray cans (AP Fur Brown for the bricks, AP Chaotic Red for the roof tiles) and a bit of masking on the cream (AP Skeleton Bone) stonework on the tower. Further work to come.


  1. I’ve admired these on TTCs website. I’ll be interested in seeing how yours turn out.

  2. The terrain is coming along nicely Mike :)

    You may have used the wrong search terms - try "Carnevale Terrain" or "Carnevale gaming"


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