Sunday, 8 September 2019

Catching up on Dux

Gardening done, fridge/freezer moving (twice - I was very good and didn't say "told you so" when the place we were moving it to turned out not to be at all suitable) done (yes, it's back where it was).

Back to the Dux Compendium. As usual, when I've been away from it for a bit, I read through what I've done, and as usual, I found a bunch of bits that aren't up to scratch, so I spent most of an hour tidying, fixing ambiguous phrasing etc. For once this didn't involve moving images that had come unstuck from their associated text! Then I found I'd misfiled my task list, and eventually unearthed it on my iMac and moved it to Dropbox where I can't lose it.

So, we have ten writing tasks to complete (annoyingly I spotted one I missed just now!), five playtests (oh you lucky folk at Steel Lard!), and then the index... which I'm dreading :D I'm aiming to cross off two of the writing tasks a week, and get cracking with local play tests just as soon as I can, after which it gets farmed out to the folks champing at the bit to test it.

The end is in sight.


  1. "the end is in site"
    Whoohoo! Good news indeed. Thanks for the hard work you're doing.


  2. Excellent news! Looking forward to the published work.


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