Monday, 23 December 2013

Match Report - 23-Dec-2013 - Dreadball

"And here we are on a cold December evening - Jason Barker here, with co-commentator and former Marauder's star Vish. Welcome to preseason in the Co-Prosperity League at the stadium of expansion team the Asgard Valkyries, Valhalla Field. Their opponents today are another expansion team, the Arctech Juggernauts. How do you see this one playing out, Vish?"

"Hrm. Vish thinks Valkyries get crushed by Terratons unless little girls quick on their feet. Vish looking forward to that."

"Well, there you have it... the teams are lining up, and here comes the ball for the first rush...."

I have to say, I really like Dreadball. The game mechanics are simply elegant. Everything ties in prettily - if you get double the successes you need, then Good Things happen (you get an extra action, you strip the ball AND hold on to it, etc). As I've said before, the throw/catch mechanism is equally neat - you get to roll as many dice (against your catch skill) as successes the thrower makes against his throw....

It's quick, it's simple. And in a turn-up for the books, I actually beat Dale from our club - it was both of our first game... We'll return you to Jason and Vish for the final rush...

"The Valkyries are six points up, but that last rush from the Juggernauts left them with just two players on the field, one of whom, Jack Katya Svensson, has just been knocked senseless by the ball. What do you reckon to this, Vish?"

"Vish think it frodding hysterical. Bam! Side of head. Down like Forgefather after too many beers. Hahahaha! Also, Vish think Juggernauts make one tiny booboo..."

"What's that, big guy?"

"Vish think Juggernauts forget game is called DreadBALL."

"And here come the Valkyries now. Svensson's getting to her feet, looking around, spots the ball. There's no Juggernaut nearer than six hexes from the ball, and most of them are up at their three point zone where Striker Anya Anderson has just been teleported off with what could be a fatal injury  Four rushes to go after this one as she scoops up the ball... and what's that. Oh MY GOD. It's star Striker Ola Gunnarson, fresh out of the treatment room after a pounding from the Juggernauts' Guards, at a flat out sprint upfield from the Valkyries' bench. She sidesteps into the one point zone, and Svensson flicks her the ball, a neat underhand pass. She catches it and spins, throws. STRIKE! The Valkyries win!"

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