Wednesday, 4 December 2013

WIP: Dreadball - The Asgard Valkyries

I've had this box of Mantic's Void Sirens undercoated for a while (with some 'Maelstrom Purple' from a certain now defunct wargames establishment).

They're quite small for 28mm - at least they feel a lot more fiddly than the recent Foundry Home Guard project. They are, however, fairly nicely detailed sculpts, and once undercoated they take paint well.

The paint job is (by design) inspired by the Minnesota Vikings uniform, of whom I am a (long-suffering) fan. Army Painter's yellow doesn't cover well on purple, so any yellow layers were painted white first.

I took the chance on hand painting the numbers, as I don't like Mantic's fiddly little stickers.

Still to do? Ink wash, varnish, and we're done.

I'm quite pleased with these - except that I've just noticed I've stuck one at the wrong angle on the base!

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  1. Argh! The pangs of guilt! I really should paint one of my DB teams. And maybe actually have a game of it!

    But Deadzone is shipping any day now and I want to wire an Arduino into the scenary…


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