Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 Year In Review - what I said I was going to do...

Pause for laughter. On past form, this isn't going to make good reading from a promises kept viewpoint...

Taking last year's post:

Games I wanted to play:

  • Dux Britanniarum. (Ok, hands up who's surprised.) Andy and I will be continuing the Linnius campaign, and with a bit of luck I may actually get to take some territory off him. In addition, we're planning on running a multiplayer campaign for the club. Well, we managed more games. There's not been much in the way of multiplayer rules out, so not a lot happened on that score.
  • I Ain't Been Shot Mum. I'm busy building up forces for the Lardies' Blenneville or Bust campaign, which again I'm hoping to run for interested parties at the club in 2013. Check. Still hunting up M8 Greyhounds, a bunch of other stuff and have some terrain to build for Blenneville or Bust.
  • Napoleon at War: past time I got to play this! And it still IS!
  • Anything else Lardy we can scare up the time and figures for at club. Chain of Command, obviously. Not at the club, I did get to play Sharp Practice.


  • Anything Scrivs and Tom run :) Missed it, due to being double booked
  • Axes 2013 if it's on. It was, I did.
  • The club WILL be running a successor to Bretwalda: watch this space. We did. It rocked, though I say so myself.
  • We'll be running a participation game at Hammerhead again, and we're on the reserve list for Salute. Yes for Hammerhead, no for Salute (but maybe this year!)


  • The club may also be running another event here in Peterborough. Again, watch this space. And we did - a Judge Dredd tournament
  • WABGT, if I can raise an army. I did. And I ... came last again!
  • WD3's annual Ayton bash, if ditto and I can sell it to the Domestic Authority. Not this year.
  • Something might happen at Partizan :) Something would have happened at Partizan, but my partner in crime just booked his holiday to clash! :D Watch this space for... hang on, I said that before, didn't I! Keep watching.

Figures etc to paint:

  • lots of 15mm WW2 US, German and British (in that order). Completed US and German companies, stalled for about 3 months on the British
  • lots of 18mm Napoleonics. Pause for laughter.
  • lots of terrain! 8 2' square tiles, a couple of hills. More to come.
  • A longboat. Still half assembled.
  • Anything else on top of the above is a bonus and I'm not going to commit to it. Wise, in hindsight.
Online/writing stuff:

  • More blogging. Does one a day count?
  • I may look at submitting articles for one or other of the wargames mags. I have a draft for an article for MW, and I have two published in the TFL specials
  • I have two supplement/scenario ideas for IABSM, and one for Quadrant 13. I still do, and another for Chain of Command.
  • Lardy card deck builder web app. Nope.
  • We will (really, really) get Sekret Projekt W off the ground. Hahahaha. *sigh*


  1. You still did pretty well on your list. The most important part is that you had fun along the way.

    1. Agree with Chris... who cares about plans.. let's just have fun!!


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