Friday, 13 December 2013

PSC 15mm British

Just got back from Church carol service rehearsal, which was 3 hours stood up with one of three basses round my neck (yes, I really do need three!), and I am somewhat worn out :D

Was going to run the Dux Brit battle report from Monday, but I was waylaid by a mail forwarded via Carl, our club treasurer. It seems Plastic Soldier Company are getting there with their 15mm Late War British infantry.
We have managed to slip the new 15mm Late War British Infantry 1944-45 box set in just before Christmas. I think all those who have been patiently waiting for 15mm Brits will feel it has been worth the wait.

Company sized 15mm Late War British Infantry 1944-45 box set. Contains: 144 figures, including 3 x 2 inch mortar teams and 3 x PIAT teams. All you need to build a 3 platoon company (including company HQ).

We have carefully re-designed this set to create a whole new set of one piece sculpts (except the bren firing teams!)

Released next tuesday 17th December but pre-order now in the Plastic Soldier webstore
Fortunately, I'm safe, as I have a British company from Battlefront about 2/3 painted. But these look very good! Also, yay one piece sculpts. I don't mind assembling 28mm multipart figures - 15mm gets tricky even with my new and less rubbish eyes!

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  1. Have they improved the softness of the detail on their figures?



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