Tuesday, 3 December 2013

WIP: Warbases Post Office

The first time I've picked up a paintbrush since my cataract operation, in fact. Interesting: this is basically the first time I've done close-up work with both eyes since most of a decade and a half ago. 

To explain: I was born severely myopic, and very dominantly right-eyed, with a prescription of -18 in my right eye and -16 in my left. To further compound the problem, my left eye has moderate nystagmus[1] - it wobbles if it works too hard. Around 1998 or so I had an operation on a cataract in my right eye: the lens implant meant that my right eye's prescription changed to about -2 1/2, and fundamentally meant I worked with one eye for the next decade and a half (imagine what a pair of specs with THAT unbalanced a prescription would look like, and you'll understand why). The implant in my left eye that Mr. Innes installed in mid-November seems to have corrected it to about -1 1/2 (plus some astigmatism).

Impressions? I miss not being able to peer at things VERY closely with one eye (-18 means I basically had a near point around the 2" mark with my left eye!), and if I don't concentrate I do seem to get slight double vision working close. This is actually a good thing, as it suggests my brain is working towards actually using both eyes a bit. I'm currently working without glasses, as I get a final checkup in two weeks which will hopefully get me a revised prescription from Mr. Innes, and I can FINALLY go about buying a few pairs of glasses that match BOTH eyes! (One drawback of the implants is they don't focus as well as the original lens, so I'll probably wind up with a pair for close up work, a pair for reading/computer work, a pair for distance and a pair of varifocals for scoring cricket!)

Finding myself enjoying the Warbases VBCW buildings - this one is the post office, 'whitewashed' and then with some Woodland Scenics mixed flock and scatter applied to represent ivy. I'll do the roof later.

[1] The mildly annoying side-effect of this? The lens implant's edge when it's new (before eye tissue grows a bit over the edge) catches spurious reflections off light sources when it's dark, and I notice them wobble. Very irritating! 


  1. Hi mike, sorry to hear that, you have had a rough time with your eyes.

    Glad your enjoying the warbases buildings. I have been trying to persuade Martin to do a 15mm napoleonic Saxony range fir a good while now without any luck.

  2. Nice work on the post office. Any chance for a closer look at the Warbases buildings?

    1. They're in the box in the workshop. I hope to get some more work done on 'em this week if I get chance.


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