Thursday, 12 December 2013

More on Tabletop Workshop's castle pre-order deals.

I wouldn't normally re-plug a KS or equivalent, but this is getting more and more tempting:

Still the same choices, effectively small, medium and large at £90, £165 and £225 respectively.Your options are now:

  • Buy before midnight 18th Dec, get 50% off everything you buy off them in 2014
  • Buy before midnight 25th Dec, get 25% ditto.
  • Buy before midnight 31st Dec, get 15% ditto
  • Pay in three monthly instalments rather than the whole lot upfront. No discount, just not having to find big money just before Christmas.


  1. Looks a good deal and nice idea about the instalments.

    As for re-plugging KS's how about Winter War ;-) Cost me a fortune you did LOL

    1. I'd feel more guilty if I hadn't cost myself one, too :D

  2. Really need to reach those stretch goals - the Hoardings look really good.


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