Friday, 6 December 2013

Deadzone arrives

UPS happened by yesterday: annoyingly I was in London. So I took a work from home day today, and, wonder of wonders, UPS rang the doorbell and didn't actually just shove a card through or dump the parcel on the step.

Pity they didn't take more care of it in transit, though....

Fortunately, nothing inside appears to have been damaged.

The box is very densely packed, and I may have my work cut out over Xmas getting it sorted and some of it painted, I suspect!


  1. Mine arrived today too.

    But this was for the first time of asking so no apparent damage.

    Not opened it yet.

    Too busy coughing to concentrate.

    The cold/flu being the reason I was at home.


  2. Excellent, I think mine is at the post office as I have 2 parcel notices. Will find out tomorrow.

    Enjoy your painting!


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