Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A very merry Christmas... all my readers, commenters and wargaming opponents over the past year.

Quiet Christmas at the Mill here, compounded by me having the tail end of a cold, James likewise and Anne rather impressively managing to tear a ligament in her back on Monday, which gave her an unexpected but necessary 2 days off before Christmas. To add insult to injury, one of work's database servers decided to page me at 1.45am on Christmas morning.

All that aside? It's been a relaxed, cosy Christmas. Santa has been, and delivered nothing to add to the lead mountain (probably a good thing) but copies of the Legends of Andor and Firefly boardgames. The former we've just been beaten by on the introductory scenario, which was a barrel of fun, and definitely merits a rematch.

Hoping everyone else's Christmas is going well!


  1. Thank you Mike. Most Happy Christmas to you and your family too

  2. Merry Christmas - sorry to hear of the family's ailments and injuries, but sounds like you're all on the mend.

  3. Hope you are all getting better.

    The cat looked in full control as it observed my passing!

  4. Merry Christmas mate. Too bad about the cold and the paging, but glad everything else went well.


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