Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A reply! A reply, by Jove!

Well, strictly, a reply by my MP, but hey...

We interrupt the Dux Britanniarum after action reports to bring you an update on the Royal Mail water-based paints idiocy.

Now, I openly admit to not being a fan of his or the present incarnation of the Government's politics, for all that I have voted for them in the past, but he is my local MP, I am his constituent, and it pleases me that he does, when I have concerns, appear to (to use the vernacular) get shit done, in the best traditions of his Labour predecessor. (Who I would have gladly voted for just based on her exemplary record of championing her constituents, were it not that I didn't agree with her party politics at the time.) I hazard a guess from the form of the letter I may not be the first (and won't be the last) to write to him.


  1. Well done! And don't complain any more about your politicians!
    There's always someone worese than you: at least you do know who is your representative... I have no idea here in Madrid who represents me at the national Parliament

  2. I'm super impressed it's not an obvious form letter.

  3. Mr. Jackson's on the ball. Good job!

  4. Nice one, I'm all for shaking up politicians if I feel the need... It doesnt always achieve anything but at least it cathartic and you feel at least you tried!

  5. I'm impressed. Not only is it a reply, but it's a promise of action and clearly not a form letter as daveb pointed out. Can you please post a baker's dozen of these sort of pollies down here to Oz so we can share in the love?

  6. It is very likely written by some bureaucrat over the MP's signature (there was a time {long ago} I was just such a bureaucrat in this country, and having written more than one 'Ministerial', I recognise the form), but I agree: it is more than a promise of action: from an MP, that IS action.

    Something might come of it yet!

  7. I wonder if I should write a letter to Black Cat explaining what I have bought from them in the past and what I want to buy in the future and that I will not be able to buy due to these rules. They could then calculate the tax they would have been paying and include the sum in a letter to their MP. Explain what it does to the bottom line, so to speak.


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