Sunday, 19 May 2013

WIP - more 15mm WW2

 Didn't get as much done today as I'd have liked - playing bass for two different church services and getting waylaid by the Domestic Authority to help weed the back meant I got to steal half an hour before breakfast and a bit more before supper.

Did manage something, though. First up, and like the rest waiting on the PSC Field Grey Warspray, 3 German 80mm mortar teams: most of the crew come from a Battlefront metal set, but they only provide three figures per base, and IABSM standard is 5, so I had to scavenge from spare Open Fire sprues.

The StugIIIG's, on the other hand, are from the Open Fire box - they go together pretty easily except that a) it's quite hard to get the tracks parallel in the vertical plane and b) the tiny part for the muzzle brake is exceptionally fiddly. So far, just undercoated in Army Painter Desert Yellow, which is a pretty close match to Dunkelgelb. I'm currently debating which of the many camo variants to apply: the standard brown/green wavy pattern is nice, but there's a few photos of StugIIIs in what's more green and brown 'blobs' which looks tempting...

And for those of you wondering - this is the 15mm WW2 stash. The 18L box is mostly unopened PSC boxes plus a few Battlefront tanks, and a large pile of halftracks and the like in blisters The bottom 9L box is Battlefront platoon/company boxes and blisters, and the top is the sprues from one complete Open Fire box and bits of two more.

With the addition of the Battlefront Easy Company and Para Warriors of Market Garden blisters (also in that pile on top of the 9L box) I have pretty much a company of US Paras, though I suspect it's a bit light on supports. Flames of War organise their Paras differently to IABSM, so I'll need to do some counting.


  1. Uffff! I see a lot of sweat and blood to be invested in this project

    1. By volume, to be fair, most of it's air at present ;D PSC boxes are a bit generous.

      There's four infantry companies to paint (one done) - the rest is mostly vehicles, which by volume are a bit less labour intensive.

  2. LoL...I ended up in the garden as well this weekend (doing the bidding of SWMBO) but like you I managed to sneak in a few brief moments of painting between chores.


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