Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dambusters 70th

The Möhne Dam the morning after -  taken
by Flying Officer Jerry Fray of No. 542 Squadron
from his Spitfire PR IX
Photo now public domain.
If you haven't been hiding under the proverbial rock of late, you can't have failed to notice that it's the 70th anniversary of Operation Chastise, the Dams raid, coming up on the 16-17May.

There's plenty of publicity for the more popular aspects of the occasion, but I thought I'd flag a few of the less so:

  • The RAF's Twitter account, @RoyalAirForceUK, will be live-tweeting (plus 70 years, anyway) the communications from the 19 Dambuster aircraft during the mission anniversary.
  • The Dambusters Weblog is going through biographies of all 133 Dambusters crew, one a day, at present.
  • If you're a completist, and want to know the eventual fate of each of the 19 aircraft, plus a couple of the training aircraft and Joe McCarthy's unserviceable Q-Queenie, you can check this post that I researched a while ago for the Breaking the Dams site.
  • If you're a real completist, there's a scanned copy of the 617 Squadron Operational Record book online which covers every mission to the end of the war.


  1. On a lighter note I think BBC Radio 2 are covering the commemoration on Friday with a concert in the evening and interviews with the last survivors and a live broadcast from an airworthy Lancaster.

    1. Yep - weather dependant but Chris Evans is hoping to go up - apparently he's already been measured for a flying suit.... looking forward to it.


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