Saturday, 11 May 2013

Back from Campaign day 1

And man, my feet are killing me.

Getting up at 0630 to drive to Milton Keynes for 8ish would have been brilliant, were it not for the fact that at 0245 work's automated alert system decided to page me with a problem, that then proceeded to resolve itself but required me to watch it till 0330. To add insult to injury, I figured watching a couple of innings of the Twins/Orioles game on (yes, yes, I'm a Brit with an subscription who's a diehard Twins fan. Got a problem with that?) would keep me awake, and proceeded to watch the Twins throw away a 6 run lead. As you can guess, by 0630 I wasn't at my brightest :D

Campaign's a fun show - it's right in the open area in the middle of the centre:mk shopping mall, so we get the general public as well as wargamers, so our brand of cheap, cheerful, visual and fun participation game goes down really well. I'll report tomorrow with pictures of everything else that was there, but for now, just one slightly bemused observation.

There were three or four stalls there, including the Bring and Buy, which had brand-new, still-in-the-shrinkwrap, Flames of War minis. Without exception, they were all trying to shift all their stock at a discount (20%, 3 boxes for 2, that kind of thing) and, I'm pretty sure, weren't intending to restock.

I picked up about £130 of Battlefront stuff that I needed for Blenneville or Bust for a hair over £90.

Did I miss a memo somewhere?


  1. American League? Oh well, I forgive you since you write such great game reports for DuxB.

  2. Good to see you again Mike. If I'd had any time between my games I would have popped over for a go on your hot air balloon game.

  3. Ahha..A fellow Brit with an addiction to MLB! I am too...still miss channel 5's coverage but MLB.TVs great! RedSox for me(my son's middle name is even Fenway!)

    Sounds like you got a great deal on that FOW stuff!

  4. I am more of an NFL fan, having been to see a Packers game while on a trip to the US last year. Amazing hospitality.


  5. Ha..the Packers are the NFL team I follow too!


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