Saturday, 18 May 2013

Building some 15mm Germans

Having finally got the table clear of scenery makings (for now - Tim-the-builder's hopefully here later next week with a supply of 2' hardboard squares), I figured it was about time I got some of my assorted 15mms at least sorted and assembled. Plastic Soldier Company have announced their new Warsprays are available (at Triples, which is this weekend), so hopefully my order should turn up sometime soon. In the meantime, having everything ready to paint is a Good Plan, right?

The end result of an afternoon's clipping, de-flashing and gluing is a company, pretty much, of Heer - 9 x 8 man sections, 4 MG42s with crew on tripods, two FOOs, 4 Panzershrek teams, and 9 bases of Big Men.

Most of the figures (the grey plastic) are from the contents of one and a bit Battlefront "Open Fire" boxes - I've still got roughly another three squads worth, which is handy because the max I need for Blenneville or Bust is 11. The metal are partly from a BF Panzergrenadier HQ Company box I won in Tamsin's last giveaway (note to the keen, today she's giving away a box of Warlord ECW foot, which deserves a plug!), and some from a couple of HG Weapons Platoon packs I bought off Dale at the club.

My original plan for the Heer was to at least look at the Wargames Factory figures. They're OK on their own, but... permit me to demonstrate:

Battlefront plastics
Wargames Factory plastics
As you can see, the WF figures are much spindlier. In WF's defence they may well be closer to realistic proportions, but given the very limited range, they really do not match the BF stuff.

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  1. Thanks for more pimpage Mike!

    Against the BF figures, the Wargames Factory ones look rather Lowry-esque


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