Friday, 3 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend, and upcoming Plastic Soldier Company stuff

Hopefully I'm going to get stuck in on some scenery building over the Bank Holiday weekend, as well as a Saturday trip into the Fens to visit Tim for another game of Dux Britanniarum (he promises me he's ditched the nonstandard rulers!), and with a bit of luck recording the rest of Episode 2 of the podcast. In order to show willing, I'll be going home from work via the garden centre to pick up some bedding plants for the wall by the garage first, though!

While pondering what to do this weekend, I picked up another couple of eBay bargains to augment my slowly amassing stockpile of 15mm WW2 for IABSM/Blenneville or Bust, and almost pressed the fire button on a couple of Forged in Battle M8 GMC's. However, I happened to have just opened a tab on the PSC website to check if they had a shipping date for the War Sprays I'd ordered, to find a new 'new items' update!

By D. Miller (Flickr: M5 Stuart Light Tank)
[CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Now, I love the stuff PSC do, but, dear Lord, they need to get someone to design and maintain them a more readable website that gets updated a bit more regularly. To save anyone else from having to pick through the 10 pixel high unformatted list of new stuff....

Out now(ish)

  • War Spray paints - mid-May is what I was told for my preorder (and the main reason I'm holding off on painting the pile of tanks I have!)
  • Zvezda 15mm British Matilda I Tank 
  • Zvezda 15mm Russian KV2 Tank
  • S Model 1/72nd British A13 Cruiser Tank. Due end of next week
  • S Model 1/72nd German Kfz 13 Armoured Car. Due end of next week
  • Minairons 1/72nd Russian T26 A and B Tank
  • Minairons 1/72nd German Befehslwagen IB Command Tank 
  • 1/72 M3 and M5 haftfracks
  • 15mm and 1/72 M5 Stuart (YES!!!!)
  • 15mm M8 GMC and Jalopy (also YES!!) as separate kit (unclear when, but it appears they were originally going to try and make it part of the Stuart, as it shares the same chassis, but aren't now)
Work "starting" on:
  • 15mm Cromwell
After that
  • US heavy weapons
  • 1/72nd Sherman M4A4
  • 1/72nd Sherman Firefly
  • 15mm and 1/72nd Churchills (YES!!!)
  • 1/72nd 251/D variants kit.


  1. So looks like the 28mm has been totally left behind.

    Pity, I would love a few Plastic 28mm Brens, and perhaps an M5 and a Sherman Firefly or two (and they do all those in 15mm and 20mm!).

    Sad face.

    Paints look good - have a couple of cans on pre-order.

    1. Given that Warlord have the 28mm WW2 market pretty much sewn up, you can hardly blame them, though.


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