Friday, 17 May 2013

"After Me, The Flood"

I was going to return to semi-normal blogging today, but...

BBC Radio Lincolnshire spent last night (through into this morning) with a very comprehensive 'as live' broadcast on the Dams Raid. I sort of dozed of listening to it on the iPhone, and woke off and on through the night. At 5.30 am, they broadcast an absolutely superb drama, called "After Me, The Flood" - a translation of 617 Squadron's motto, "Aprés Moi La Deluge". It's a starkly simple, yet riveting, play that translates perfectly to radio, and was I understand performed in front of the audience at Scampton to general acclaim (and a thumbs up from Johnny Johnson!) yesterday. You can catch it on iPlayer for the next 7 days - it's only half an hour of your time and I really do thoroughly recommend it.

If you have digital, I also recommend Channel 4's "Building the Bouncing Bomb", on More 4 tonight at 9, in which an only slightly eccentric Cambridge engineering professor tries to rebuild the bouncing bomb and blow up a dam in Canada. It's a repeat, but it's well worth watching.

On a non Dambusters topic: the fair and talented Tamsin has reached 100,000 hits on her blog (beating me by about 4,000!, and, as seems to be the trend, is running a giveaway of some rather nice stuff (Warlord Tommies, a GZG gift cert or some Baccus minis) for the next few days. Congratulations to her, and go check it out.

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