Friday 10 May 2013

Learning more about Archaeology

Just popped up on Facebook via the Dig Village folks is this - "Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets", a course via Coursera taught by Sue Alcock of Brown University. Truth to tell, I've always been kind of tempted, if I ever had the time and the money, to do a second degree in archaeology or history - this is particularly tempting living as we do on the edge of the Fens, with Flag Fen but a few miles away, and the local college does in fact do one. I am, however, perhaps getting a bit old to make much practical use of it :D

Anyway, the Coursera course looks kind of fun - it's 8 weeks from the beginning of June, and here's the introductory video. It's free, and entirely online, so...

Watch this space - I'll keep folks updated on any interesting titbits.


  1. I did get some college time in archaeology but couldn't afford to go very far, much to my regret. Now my stepdaughter's finishing her Masters in the subject, I'll live vicariously through her.

  2. I did a GCSE in archaeology a decade ago. I recall having fascinating arguments about chariotry in iron age Britain, or carts as my lecturer insisted. I was gifted a question on Napoleonic fortifications in the exam and got an A* as a result! was certainly worth doing but don't assume it will support a wargamer's view of history!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. My son loves archaeology and I love to help him. I'm already on Coursera for learning Python. As a bonus the team are real life nerds, BBT but better.

  4. My degree is in History and Archaeology - the most enjoyable four years of my life. I also have a diploma in Prehistoric Archaeology - Flag Fen is a fabulous site. With regards gaming and history I agree with Aki - do not assume it will be compatible with your Ospreys, and convincing others so is hard work - 'established' history is very hard to turn over! :-)

    Anyway, best of luck with it and enjoy it. You are never too old to learn and make use of what you have studied!

    1. Indeed. Half the point of doing it is to get a better grasp on figuring history out rather than slavishly obeying the Ospreys :D


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