Friday, 22 February 2013

The Miller's Tale - update

Well, that seemed to go OK *mops brow*.

Thanks to folks who left positive comments, both here and elsewhere! You should be able to find the podcast via the iTunes Store just as soon as the Apple staff have satisfied themselves it's not immoral, indecent or fattening: I'll post a link up on the menu bar when that happens.

There will be an episode 2 - look for it sometime in March, with luck: I expect to have an evening or two in a Seattle hotel room with nothing to do in the middle of the month, and I certainly have ideas. For now though, I have a very large stack of Parthians to paint, and a mostly free weekend to do them in, so please excuse me that today's blog is a bit of a lightweight (but has kept my unbroken daily posting streak at 64 and counting!).

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