Monday, 18 February 2013

Which rule would you change?

A interesting question raised by PaulD on our club forum (c'mon, Paul, start a blog!), which I think merits a wider audience.
You can change one rule
But which would it be, and why?
By 'rule' I mean a mechanic or law for either a tabletop game or a campaign system, rather than unit statlines or points costs which is a whole 'nother can of worms. Perhaps I'm overly critical by nature, but I can't think of many games I've played even semi-regularly that don't have something questionable in them. Haven't found anything with Judge Dredd yet but it's probably only a matter of time...
So what one rule above all others would you re-write given the chance - or alternatively what ruleset is, as far as you're concerned, absolutely bulletproof?
As you can probably guess from a prior post, one of my answers would be 'the morale roll in Principles of War'. I think on reflection, 2d10 rather than 3d6 is where I'm leaning, and I might post the maths of that sometime soon.

Rob on our forum suggests the mortar rules in Op: Squad, which I have to confess to agreeing with - they are just a bit too accurate.

However, the all-time least favourite rule I (and I think several other folks) would get rid of is the one in WAB2 which says that if a character is part of a fleeing unit, the unit may not use that character's Ld for a rally check, 'cause, after all, there's no way a strong leader type shouldn't be able to persuade a bunch of nervous types to rally. I really like the WAB2 rules, but... sorry, Martin. That one has to go.

There you go. Food for a blog post, maybe?


  1. What a great question!

    I need to think about this one....

  2. Mike we've already changed that one in our club. However my own personal one would be steadfast from wfb, and random charges, and daft magic, and combat reforms, and pre- measuring. Sorry that's too much.

    Ok how about pushing skirmishers out of the way for failed warband tests in WAB. I hate that one!


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