Saturday, 23 February 2013

Kickstarter Watch - War Stories

Just had this drawn to my attention by a friend backing it.

It looks interesting - kind of like a cross between a more complex Memoir '44/Command and Colours and Sergeants. The core game uses wooden blocks for units, but they appear to be aiming to produce 12mm (1/144) figures and vehicles as part of the Kickstarter. Strange choice of scale, perhaps, that suggests a lack of awareness of what else is out there, but then, that's been said of Napoleon at War.

Will I back it? Probably not - I think I probably have enough WW2-related games (including Memoir '44 Online) to keep me amused - but it's something I'd certainly have a go at if it was waved under my nose.

Ah well. Back to drilling cataphract hands for spears. :D


  1. Actually, 10-12mm ww2 is quite frequent

    1. 10 mm more so than 12, and 1/144 is definitely the large end of 12. :)

    2. Pedant... ;-)

      You'll be saying 18mm isn't 15mm and that 1/76 is 20mm but 1/72 is 25mm next!

    3. Well, given the number of people who complain about the size of Napoleon At War 18mms, precisely because they aren't 15mm... ;)

    4. My WWII Desert forces are all 12mm - Minifigs call it N scale... perfect scale - bigger and easier to see than 6mm while still being able to fit ore models on the table...


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