Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Historical Wargames podcast

Definitely in need of a sanity break from painting Parthians. I'm probably going to break a personal rule tomorrow and play a practice game (I know, I know - 'which ruins the fun') with figures that aren't completely painted. Mostly just got horse markings, headgear, leggings, leatherwork, ink/dip and basing to do, which should be easily achievable by Friday. (Of course, since they're past the undercoat stage, you don't get any photos with tomorrow's battle report, as by the terms of the Analogue Hobbies painting contest, Curt gets first dibs on photos of my handiwork. :) )

Painting has been greatly accelerated and made less brain-numbing by the application of three or four episodes of the excellent Historical Wargames podcast. If anyone hasn't managed to find this yet, it's a definite case of 'does what it says on the tin' - a podcast about historical wargaming. Recent episodes include interviews with Mike Hobbs (of SAGA fame), Alessio Calvatore (Bolt Action author) and Keith Branagh from Aventine Miniatures: each episode's well over an hour, and generally informative and entertaining, covering many of the recent newer games in the historical field. (Although, no Flames of War (yay!) and no TFL (boo!) yet.) Recommended listening, anyway.

Pleased to say I'll get to meet Pat (who had nice things to say about my first go at podcasting) and Dean at the WABGT, although I suspect the NW Historical guys will still be in the UK by the time work takes me to Seattle for a week on March 9th!


  1. I find Parthians on the same level as Gauls. Lovely when finished but with each figure sporting his own colour scheme they seem to take 10 times longer to paint than Romans or Macedonians.

    1. *nod* I've cheated a bit in that I've basically Army Painter-primered in 6 different colours (4 shades from yellow to linen, plus green and blue), and then will rearrange the figures to paint leggings, horse colours etc.

      Won't be perfect, but it'll pass the 2' test :D


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