Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kickstarter Watch - Beyond the Gates of Antares

Wow. Ok.

That's quite a biggie. And I quote:
After much consideration we have decided to withdraw our project from Kickstarter.
We’d like to thank you all for believing in us and backing us, GoA will still become a reality but through different means.
We will take the next month to reassess our plans, during this time you will still see us on the forums and we will continue to post updates to our website.
I have to say, a couple of folks at the club had commented they thought it was going to wind up not meeting its goal, and I was... unsure. I've seen things pull 60% of their funding in the last few days, but those have generally been much lower targets. I wonder... is £300,000 a bit of an bold target for a Kickstarter - it doesn't, somehow, feel like what KS was intended for. It also... I dunno, it kind of felt generally 'meh'. Sure it raised £100K, but I never really picked up any excitement about it.

Having said that? I was tempted, though I really don't need another ruleset: I hadn't actually started delving into the setting yet. Part of that's because I'm toying with writing a setting for the Lardies' Quadrant 13 rules!

It will be interesting to see both what happens to BtGoA now AND, more interestingly, what backlash there is.


  1. Interesting that Westwind's Empire of the Dead kickstarter reached its much more modest target in 2 hours.

    So much so they had to extend it for our American Cousins to get a look in!

    1. Indeed. It leads me to suspect that BtGoA just plain didn't get how KS works best.

      Yes, you can get several hundred grand out of pledges, but aiming low and adding stretch goals as you go (and getting your maths and finances right) seems to get folks more drawn in. "Hey, wow, they made their goal in a day..." seems to draw folks in much quicker and better than "Holy /deleted/, they want HOW much????'"

  2. If you need that amount of money for lift-off, KS might not be the place to go. When pledging I would think about if it would hit its goal.
    As for lower goals, I can see how one that has hit its target would attract a second wave of pledgers, who are happy to step in when launch is guaranteed.


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