Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Miller's Tale

If you recall, on the two year anniversary of the blog, I promised an exciting announcement. Well, it took a little longer than I expected, at least in part because I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the first attempt, but I'm rather pleased to announce the first episode of The Miller's Tale, the Trouble at the Mill podcast!

My aim, if there's sufficient reception to make it worthwhile, is to produce a 20-30 minute episode every month or so, which will have a couple of regular features plus a longer piece, which may be me thinking aloud about something, a review, a chat with someone else, or who knows.

The podcast episodes themselves will be labelled 'podcast-feed', so that the iTunes feed on Feedburner can pick them up: in addition, they and any posts about the podcast will be labelled "the miller's tale". Assuming I've configured it right, the podcast should be available in iTunes pretty soon.

A few questions pre-answered:

  • Why?
    • Why not? :D There are a number of wargames-related podcasts I enjoy, and I wanted to add to the mix
  • Why "The Miller's Tale"?
    • You might as well ask why "Trouble at t'Mill".
  • Ok then. Why "Trouble at t'Mill"?
    • That would be because we live in what used to be the miller's house in Werrington, Peterborough, and the disused windmill (which sadly we don't own!) in the picture above is at the bottom of our garden.
  • What are you using to record this?
    • Currently, a MacBook Pro, Apple's Garageband, Audacity, and a USB podcast mike from Behringer. I'm aware the podcast isn't perfect, soundwise, but I'm working on learning my craft.
  • What's the music?
    • The various incidental stings are Garageband library jingles; the main theme is something I put together using some Garageband loops and a bit of MIDI programming.


  1. Interesting. I look forward to it.

  2. Excellent. Will one of the regular features be a song? I still mourn me losing my copy of The Oak, the Rowan and the Wild Rose moving from one house to another somewhere in the 90s (with all my other filk tapes.....), so I figured I might just as well put that idea for the podcast in your head (To Britain's Shores would do well with a song).

    Whichever way, I will put it on my podcast list. I am glad you figured out not to feel forced to do a weekly podcast. Many very good ones fell by the wayside because the makers felt a need to do them weekly. At some point that falls apart and they try to keep going weekly, which ultimately results in a silent end.

  3. Ooh, sounds like fun. I await the results with baited breath.

  4. 20-30 minutes, Brilliant! I'm always getting interrupted at home but this is the ideal length to play while I wait to pick up my wife from work (pretty much the only time I get alone and therefore un-hassled!).


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