Monday 25 February 2013

Battle Report - 25 Feb 2013 - WAB2

Shhh. Don't tell Curt you've seen
this. They aren't painted. Honest.
Tonight I got to test out my mostly painted Parthians against Grahame's Syracusan (is that a word?) army down the club. Most educational :D

The WABGT tournament rules are 3000 points on a 6'x4' table - the 'typical' WAB2/Armies of Antiquity force is usually 2100, so as a startup that's a bit crowded. 72 skirmish order horse archers basically make playing a Parthian army an exercise in traffic management. On top of that, 2 out of the 5 rounds use scouting points: having lots of skirmish cavalry gives you deployment advantages, and boy do I have lots :D The trick is going to be using them properly.

One of my early battle reports included some very painful lessons learned about WAB2 and Early Imperial Roman armies: I'd like to think I've improved since then, but there's always more to learn. This time out:

  • Cataphract armour save is really... really... really good. Make the most of it, because...
  • ...You only get your rank bonus in round 1.
  • Cataphracts are like ocean-going tankers. Slow, heavy, turning circle of several football fields. Make sure you put them in the right place first up!
  • Charging a phalanx from the front isn't a good idea.
  • Like I said, playing Parthians, or other 'nomad hordes' armies, really is an exercise in traffic management. 
  • All the Feigned Flight in the world won't stop Ld 6 troops running away uncontrollably when charged by formed troops.
As an aside - I've been listening to more of the Historical Wargames podcasts in the car to and from work and club: a combination of that and the above, and thinking some more about context, means I think I have a pretty good idea what I'll be talking about in episode 2 of The Miller's Tale.


  1. Your only real threat with Feigned Flight is formed Cavalry - so they really need to be eliminated early on.

    After that you can bring all kinds of grief.

    I do think 6 x 4 is a bit small for 3000 points it leaves no real room for flanking movements which are key to armies like yours. I saw the table after you had deployed and it was packed.

    The only other option is to use the Cataphracts to punch a hole thorough and then follow them in.

    1. Oh indeed re Feigned Flight - making sure you use your Parthian Shot move to get OUT of charge range of formed /infantry/ is really smart :D

      I agree with you re table size - even allowing for the fact that I'd outscouted Grahame and could deploy two units on the flanks, it was a bit jampacked.

  2. Remember Infantry are no threat to Feigned Flight, as your base move is greater - so no fear test if you choose just to flee, see latest adenda.


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