Sunday, 7 April 2013

Salute shopping list

It's only a couple of weeks away, and (barring the unlikely event that we get roped in off the reserves list at short notice with one of our participation games) I'm going to be down at Salute as a punter, although I guess I might spend a fair amount of time hanging out at the Lardie stand watching the Chain of Command demos.

Like most folks, though, I go to shows to buy stuff. This year's list:

  • Fireforge mounted and foot Templars
  • GB unarmoured Dark Ages warriors (thanks, Tamsin!)
  • Several boxes of Perry War of the Roses figures - Grahame and I down the club are aiming to get us a couple of armies together
  • Plastic Soldier Company
    • Panthers
    • Tigers
    • M3 half tracks
    • anything else interesting they have out for Salute :D (the new War Sprays, if they are)
  • Miniature Wargames 361
I may toy with some of Warbases and 4Ground's buildings as well.

So: what's anyone else going to be spending money on/hiding from the other half?

[In other news - kudos to the Commission Figurines guys, whose Kickstarter has made it to their target, and is very likely to pass at least one of its stretch goals.]


  1. I'll be punting too, but there's not much on my list. Interesting fiddly stuff, basically. Maybe some third-party mecha for Battletech, maybe some WWII ships...

    Thinking of which, any recommendations for "painting for absolute beginners" guides that refer to brands of stuff available in the UK? Or indeed a quick checklist from you? I haven't painted a mini for at least ten years...

  2. On my list:
    some Baccus ACW packs
    Warbases/4Ground dark ages buildings
    "tufts" with flowers/leaves
    Gripping Beast's new unarmoured dark age warriors
    X-Wing expansion packs if anyone has them
    foam trays for X-Wing from KR Multicase
    a couple of paints and possibly some books

    Plus meeting up with bloggers and the Secret Projects Revelation.

  3. I've just bought some Fireforge foot and will wait to see if they're good and then get more, some Steam Tanks from Ironclad Miniatures, collecting a Warbases order, a couple of Hassle free minis and whatever 15mm sci-fi or modern scenery there might be there.

  4. Ohhh! I went last year with a group of friends and had a great time. I'd love to attend again in 2013 but I cannot spend so much money in a row. Godd hunting Mike!!

  5. Not entirely sure whats on my list yet. Probably lots of 6mm stuff this year. Looking forward to the show and will try to keep an eye out for you.

    1. Are we doing a bloggers meetup again? I can do the arranging if you like.


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