Thursday 4 April 2013

Commission Miniatures Kickstarter

I don't normally re-plug Kickstarters, but the rather superb one for modular buildings and ruins I mentioned a while back has four days left to run and is a couple of grand shy of its target.

If you or your club are into Bolt Action, FoW, IABSM, the Lardies' new Chain of Command or anything else that lends itself to WW2-era city fights, you owe it to yourself to grab a deal here, be it in 15, 20 or 28mm. This one deserves to succeed, IMO: there are club deals at £200 if you want to club together, in all scales.


  1. Whilst these look really nice, I would have been more interested in undamaged 28mm buildings.

    Ruins are pretty easy to make as you can just avoid building the difficult bits (pitched roof etc).

    I can see how these would be really useful for people who fight a lot of WW2 Russian front stuff though.

  2. I was surprised to see this one falling short of it's funding. I think some of that may be due to the success of Requiem. They got a lot of peoples spending budget recently.

  3. Yes,good idea but not interested in Berlin or Russian front. French buildings would have done it for me.


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