Saturday, 13 April 2013

Into the Woods - part 7 - willow trees

I'm fighting a nagging headache that won't go away today, so I've not felt up to much, but I have started on the willow tree for the marsh project. I'm sort of cheating a bit with this, in that the armature is commercially made - it's a Hornby Skale Scenics one, and it's possibly a bit small in 28mm: I'd guess it scales to about a 20' high tree, and willows extend upwards of 40'.

This is basically done using the method I detailed in part 4, only without the rubberised horsehair: liberally spray with unscented hairspray (and I do mean liberally - especially on the thin willow armatures), dip in flock, repeat.

I've stuck the end result in a block of polystyrene to dry, before I embark on the process of sealing it. The Treemendus Scenefix glue I tried last time is OK, but I've found a better solution. which (if I get shot of this headache) I'll be trying tomorrow on a bunch of the Woodland Scenics tree armatures with rubberised horsehair.

As to what it is?

Well, you'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Looking good so far, you have my attention.

  2. I like it, but how much would it cost overall to do this?

    1. Three tree armatures £6.45. Rest of supplies from stock :D

    2. Nice work. Hornby is the train maker right? Well, I think they may do car tracks too? But is it a lot cheaper than buying trees from GW?

    3. For decent trees, I'd go for the Woodland Scenics armatures, or make your own from wire - the WS ones are about £1 each (for decent sized ones). CHeck back in this series for some of my attempts.

      My main gripe with the GW and Battlefront (etc) trees is they look artificial and they're generally way too small. The tree outside my house is nearly 1' tall in 28mm scale!

    4. For a pure price comparison, the only relevant thing I can see on GW's web site is Citadel Wood, 18 quid for three trees plus a base.

      (And yes, Hornby was for a while the GW of the model railway hobby... they introduced their own inconsistent OO scale (oversized stock on what ended up looking like narrow-gauge track), but were vastly more popular in the UK than pretty much any other vendor.)


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