Saturday, 9 November 2019

Towelling thatch part 1

Picked up a cheap face flannel from Morrisons today, to use to make thatch (once I'd finally found my modelling scissors).
Stage 1: cut into strips, lay on the roof, fix with general purpose clear glue. Trim edges.
Stage 2: spray with brown paint
Stage 3: several layers of this, which is essentially spray PVA. It should dry fairly hard, I hope.
Stage 4: leave to dry overnight. More tomorrow, I guess, but it's looking promising.

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  1. I use a similar process with the toweling. However, after having cut the pieces to size, I soak them in watered down (about milk consistency) PVA, ring them out some and then place them on the model to dry. They dry as hard as rock but make a great looking thatch. Dick Bryant


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